Praise for the Book

Praise for The Penguin Companion to European Union

‘Teasdale and Bainbridge provide the best single guide to today’s EU.’                      Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council

‘Everyone, whether Europhile or Eurosceptic, should read this book.’                    Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Oxford University and King’s College, London

‘A sparkling addition to the sea of Euro-literature … There is much to surprise and amuse, as well as inform.’  Financial Times

‘Required reading … It leads us with admirable clarity and lack of techno-jargon through the history, composition and machinery of the EU.’  Independent on Sunday

‘An indispensable collection of answers to every historical or factual question you could have about the highly complex institution which the British tabloid press manages to demonise into reductive, mendacious simplicity’ Hugo Young, Guardian

‘As eloquent as it is comprehensive, this is the must-have guide for anyone who wants to understand the European Union. There has always been plenty of heat in the European debate. This book provides the light.’  Philip Stephens, author of Politics and the Pound

‘I recommend this book to anyone wanting a comprehensive, well-balanced and well-informed account of today’s Europe.’  Chris Patten,Chancellor of Oxford University

‘The EU has not been very successful in explaining itself to outsiders, and opinions on the Union, especially in the English-speaking world, are too often based on prejudice and hearsay. In this Companion, two experienced insiders provide the kind of precise information and analysis which is the prerequisite for sound judgement.’              Professor Norman Davies, author of Europe: A History and Vanished Kingdoms

‘The Penguin Companion stands out as a lucid and well-written introduction to the EU … comprehensive, accurate and readable – technical enough for the expert, yet accessible for the intelligent lay reader.’  The European

‘This is a highly useful and affordable multi-disciplinary supplement to undergraduate reading lists. Entries are excellent in terms of scope and clarity of treatment.’          Journal of Common Market Studies

‘The Penguin Companion provides American students of politics with a unique insight into the dynamics of Europe’s emerging federal system.’                                                      Fred Kempe, President, Atlantic Council, Washington DC, and author of Berlin 1961

‘A friendly guide through Europe … a very useful reference book which will help interested readers and students alike’.  Times Higher Education.

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