Key European documents

On this webage you can find PDF files of, or hyperlinks to, many of the key European documents referred to in the text of The Penguin Companion to European Union.

  • Key Reports

Please find below PDF files of the texts of a number of key reports, often by outside experts, commissioned by the EU institutions:

Spaak Report on the Common Market, 1956:  Spaak Report 1956

Werner Report on Economic and Monetary Union, 1970:  Werner Report 1970 – interim text

Vedel Report on the powers of the European Parliament, 1972:  Vedel Report 1972

Tindemans Report on European Union, 1976:  Tindemans Report on EU 1976

‘Three Wise Men’ Report on European institutions, 1979:  ‘Three Wise Men’ Report 1979

Spierenburg Report on reform of the European Commission, 1979:  Spirenburg Report 1979

Albert-Ball Report on the European economy, 1983:  Albert-Ball Report 1983

Padoa-Schioppa Report on the European economy, 1987:  Padoa-Schioppa Report – first part – 1987

Cecchini Report on the European single market, 1988:  Cecchini Report – Summary – April 1988

Delors Report on Economic and Monetary Union, 1989:  Delors Report on EMU 1989

Sapir Report on the European economy, 2003:  Sapir Report

Monti Report on the European single market, 2010:  Monti Report 2010


  • EU Treaties in force

Complete list of all EU and associated treaties adopted in historical order:

Consolidated EU Treaties post-LisbonConsolidated EU Treaties


  • Unadopted Treaties

Please find below the PDF versions of, or hyperlinks to, the texts of treaties that were either never adopted or never ratified by the EC or EU member states:

First Fouchet Plan, November 1961:  First Fouchet Plan – 2 November 1961 or

Second Fouchet Plan, January 1962:

Draft Treaty establishing the European Union – ‘Spinelli Report’ – February 1984:  DTEU – Spinelli

European Constitution – initial version (Draft Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe), produced by the Convention on the Future of Europe,  July 2003:  Draft Treaty Constitution for Europe – July 2003

European Constitution – final version (Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe), as amended by the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) in June 2004 and signed by 25 member states in October 2004:  Treaty Constitution for Europe – October 2004


  • Useful compendia of texts in EU political history

Towards Political Union – a selection of texts produced by the European Parliament secretariat in 1964:


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